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8 Output DTMF Decoder

8 output DTMF Decoder kit

4 on board BT47 style 12V relays and 4 open collector outputs

Morse transpond

Test mode makes it easy to get started

Smart black case available (not included)

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4 digit ID (PIN) access control with programmable ID; ID can be turned off.

Each output can be turned on, off, pulsed, toggled or interrogated.

Morse transpond confirmation (transpond can be turned off).

2 second Morse transpond delay (delay can be turned off).

0.5 second Morse start delay after TX key to allow for link establishment and CTCSS.

Status LEDs for each relay.

Includes screw terminal connections for power, radio/phone interface and relay contacts.

Opto coupled radio keying interface.

Can save output states for recovery after power loss.



Size (without case): 89 x 56 x 15mm

Supply voltage: 12 to 14V DC

Supply current: 10mA + 30mA per active relay

Audio input: 10mV RMS to 2V RMS

Morse audio output: maximum 2.3V p-p into 10K load

TX keying output: Active low, maximum sink current 50mA

Relay contacts rated: 1A @ 24V DC

What's in the box?

Gold Plated PCB, all components, connectors, relays, and pre-programmed PIC. See the PDF for instruction details and component list.


pdf_symbol[1]Download 8 output DTMF Decoder kit PDF


 Laden Sie 8 Ausgang DTMF Decoder Bausatz PDF


Black case – Hammond 1591XXBFLBK 

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Ready built unit


     8channel_decoder_tinyAssembled 8 output DTMF
       Decoder without case


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