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PIC Development kit for 18 pin PIC microcontrollers

Pickit2 compatible

Easy access to pins

Works with many 18 pin PICs

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Compatible PICs include 16F627(A), 16F628(A), 16F84, 16F1826 and 16F1827. The PIC16F627A and PIC16F1827 are available in our Components pages.

The crystal supplied is 4MHz, please specify if you would prefer 10MHz when ordering.

The PCB is a high quality Gold Plated double sided PTH (plated through hole) 1.6mm FR4 (Fiberglass) board and incorporates a large prototyping area with pads on both sides of the board.

You can select the 5V power supply for the PIC to be from the on-board 5V regulator or the Microchip ICD compatible connector. The +5V and 0V power rails are extended along the top & bottom edges of the board for easy access.

An onboard RS232 level converter buffers the PIC UART to/from the 9 pin D connector, which is tracked for connection to a PC serial port. The RTS & CTS lines are also buffered and brought to CN7.

There’s a 5 pin programming header also provided to allow in-circuit programming from other programmers e.g. the MELABS serial or USB programmers.

All kit information, images and a list of components are contained in the PDF below.


pdf_symbol[1]Download PIC18 Kit PDF

CST Adaptor



CSTech Pickit 2 & PicKit 3 to ICD connector adaptor kit. Connect your Pickit programmer to our prototyping boards and others. Supplied as a kit with the RJ12 plugs fitted to the cable, you just need to fit the two connectors to the PCB.

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